Committed to Feeding Our Community

Meatingplace is a community where meat and poultry processors and their suppliers come together every day. They are committed to bringing forward the best protein products – for consumers around the world or down the street. They take great pride in their ability to make products faster, healthier, safer and more affordable. When they start each day the challenge surrounds them: How can we do it better? How will we reach everyone who needs us?

Meatingplace shares this commitment. We don’t just report on the industry, we’re a part of it. We advance the industry by sharing ideas, educating, and connecting professionals. We feed their appetite for current news, well-researched articles, interviews and insights, up-to-date technical information, and reports on product and company innovation. Our loyal and growing readership appreciates our participation. In an independent survey of trade show attendees, Meatingplace was preferred almost 2:1 over its closest competitor. Meat industry professionals say they find the most relevant content here. They trust Meatingplace and value the depth and breadth of coverage.

“Our competitors are in the publishing business, we’re in the meat business. That’s what connects us with the industry in a unique and compelling way,” says Publisher Bill Kinross. “And the industry has embraced us. Magazine circulation has grown from 20,000 in 2009 to 30,000 today, while online we average a staggering 448,503 page impressions a month from 60,347 unique browsers.”*

Being successful requires knowing and satisfying existing customers as well as establishing new ones. Meatingplace can help you make an introduction and a lasting impression. Why do processors choose you? It’s more than price. It’s understanding what drives them, and as their partner, helping them through the daily challenges.

We earn the respect of our readers, online visitors and event attendees every day. In an industry under daily attack from activists, Meatingplace presents the facts with perspective and insight. Processors and suppliers work hard to deliver the best products to the most people. We understand what fuels this effort. Behind the products are pride, purpose and commitment. Together we feed the community that feeds the world.

*Source: June 2013 BPA Statement