Results that matter

Meatingplace sets the gold standard for providing measurable results with the most comprehensive audience documentation and lead reporting in the industry. Only with Meatingplace do you know the name, company, title and buying authority of every subscriber who requests more information, watches a video, or visits your website. Requests for information are delivered in real time, to increase your conversion rate. Video boosts advertiser response by providing another way to engage, while a new iPad app sets the stage for a whole new way for readers to interact with your ads.

Monthly lead and impression reports demonstrate the quality of the Meatingplace online audience. Company names, job titles and responses reflect a highly engaged audience of qualified meat industry professionals.

Monthly Lead Reports provide full contact information for all sales leads (requests for someone to contact them), click-throughs (visits to your website) and video plays (viewed your video online) generated in the month.

Monthly Impression Reports show you who viewed your ad and how many times your ad was viewed in the month. Sales leads are delivered immediately via email to increase conversions.

Advertisers can also reach markets with precision using tools like contextual advertising and profile-based targeting thanks to the complete contact information meat industry professionals provide when registering.