Meatingplace 2014 Editorial Calendar

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Tech Connection: Natural product appearance

Food Focus: Bacon

Bonus Distribution: IPPE Show Jan. 28 - 30, Atlanta, Ga.

Space Closing: Dec. 3

Materials Due: Dec. 12

Harvey Ad Readership Study


Jan. 6 A focus on non-meat ingredient functionality

Plant Tour

Jan. 13 Advances in rapid pathogen detection

Jan. 20 Use of synthetic and natural antioxidants and antimicrobials to increase the shelf-life and safety of processed meat products

AMSA Exclusive: “Food safety performance through HACCP

Jan. 27 Advances in approved in-plant antimicrobial interventions for poultry



Tech Connection: Combatting listeria

Food Focus: Sausage

Bonus Distribution: National Turkey Federation Feb. 12 – 15, Orlando, Fla.

Space Closing: Jan. 3

Materials Due: Jan. 14


Feb. 3 Focus on the smokehouse to improve yield

Plant Tour

Feb. 10 Three consequences of the growth of kosher and halal meats

Feb. 17 How to optimize the quality of artisan meats

AMSA Exclusive: Packaging for processed meats

Feb. 24 New processing opportunities for sodium reduction in RTE meats



Tech Connection: Worker safety

Food Focus: Middle Eastern/African cuisine, incorporating lamb and goat

Space Closing: Feb. 3

Materials Due: Feb 12


March 3 How to reduce food waste with packaging

Plant Tour

March 10 Poultry Basics: How live hanging at the reception dock affects quality

March 17 How to comply with USDA’s food defense rules

March 24 AMSA Exclusive: Scientific and physiological aspects of animal welfare

March 31 Critical steps for validation of lethality of thermal process



Tech Connection: Natural and organic curing

Food Focus: Meats for the grill

Space Closing: Mar. 3

Materials Due: Mar. 12


April 7 Six tips for a good recall plan

Plant Tour

April 14 Fighting condensation in the processing plant

AMSA Exclusive: Processed meats microbiology

April 21 How animal care affects meat quality

April 28 Using hydrogen peroxide and UV light to disinfect hatching eggs



Tech Connection: Halal and kosher on the rise

Food Focus: Fresh pork

Space Closing: April 3

Materials Due: April 11


May 5 How to prevent food waste during distribution

Plant Tour

May 12 How to get more value of the pork loin and belly

May 19 AMSA Exclusive: New approaches to Adding Value to processed meats

May 26 Sodium reduction challenges and opportunities



Tech Connection: New opportunities in sodium reduction

Food Focus: Deli meats

Bonus Distribution: AMSA Reciprocal Meat Conference June 15-18, Madison, WIs..; American Association of Meat Processors June 19-21,Milwaukee, Wis.

Space Closing: May 2

Materials Due: May 13


June 2 How to reduce risk and prevent quality changes with electronic pasteurization

Plant Tour

June 9 Poultry Basics: Water use challenges in automatic evisceration

June 16 Four tips for successful beef carcass grading

AMSA Exclusive: Technology’s Future in Protein Production

June 23 How to perform a waste reuse analysis

June 30 Focus on equipment for yield improvement



2014 Supplier Directory

Bonus Distribution: National Chicken Council Marketing Committee Meeting,

Space Closing: Jun. 4

Materials Due: Jun. 11


July 7 How to use vertically integrated research to solve quality problems

July 14 Poultry Basics: Four yield considerations on the cutup floor

July 21 How to improve product quality and save energy with optimal plant pressurization

AMSA Exclusive: Reciprocal Meat Conference papers

July 28 How to decrease water and electricity use for sustainable meat production



Tech Connection: Animal welfare and sustainability

Food Focus: Wings

Space Closing: Jul. 2

Materials Due: Jul. 11


Aug. 4 How to reduce food safety risk of blade-tenderized fresh meat

Plant Tour

Aug. 11 A comparison of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressure processing for fresh meat

Aug. 18 Four reasons to use LED lighting in your facility

AMSA Exclusive: Meat Processing Technology Series

Aug. 25 Alternatives to pasteurization and sterilization



Tech Connection: Improving plant efficiency

Food Focus: Ground beef

Bonus Distribution: National Chicken Council Annual Conference, Oct. 2-3, Washington, D.C.

Space Closing: Aug. 4

Materials Due: Aug. 12


Sept. 1 How to determine the shelf life of meat and poultry products

Plant Tour

Sept. 8 Six antimicrobials to use with natural and clean labels

Sept. 15 What processors need to do to improve food security

AMSA Exclusive: Reciprocal Meat Conference papers

Sept. 22 Best practices in Salmonella sampling

Sept. 29 How to meet consumer needs with nutritional claims



Tech Connection: Trends in clean labeling

Food Focus: Cook-in-bag meats

Special Section: Jewell Award winner

Space Closing: Sept. 4

Materials Due: Sept. 12


Oct. 6 The limitation of sodium reduction systems

Plant Tour

Oct. 13 Poultry Basics: Mechanically deboned meat

Oct. 20 How to save water and energy while improving product quality through packaging

AMSA Exclusive: Meat Processing Technology Series

Oct. 27 How to select refrigeration systems to best control atmospheric conditions



Tech Connection: Advances in packaging

Food Focus: Middle Meats

Space Closing: Oct. 3

Materials Due: Oct. 14


Nov. 3 Mustard protein as a substitute in chicken processing

Plant Tour

Nov. 10 Poultry Basics: Preventative management of five types of carcass downgrades

Nov. 17 Methods to extend the shelf life of fresh sausages

AMSA Exclusive: Reciprocal Meat Conference papers

Nov. 24 Four product development considerations for HPP



Tech Connection: Emerging technologies

Food Focus: Meat snacks

Special Section: Knowlton Award winner

Bonus Distribution: IPPE Show

Space Closing: Nov. 5

Materials Due: Nov. 13


Dec. 1 A look at three emerging technologies: light pulses, plasma, ultrasound

Plant Tour

Dec. 8 Working with latest phosphate replacers

Dec. 15 Avoiding purge with slicing logs

AMSA Exclusive: Meat Processing Technology Series

Dec. 22 How to achieve a 3-log drop in pathogens with in-package plasma technology

Dec. 29 Advances in mechanical tenderization