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Turn off the water!

Water is as integral to poultry and meat processing as the protein itself, but this essential element is becoming scarcer – and more expensive. Every processor should make a priority out of using less water: It’s good for the planet, good for the community, and good for the bottom line. Yet water management has many potential challenges, including maintaining food safety and quality and overcoming ingrained human habits. Our panel of experts will examine water management strategies including reduction, recycling and treatment. This webinar will address how water management can affect your company’s finances, product quality, and food safety while also providing some tips on how to effectively implement the right strategy for your operation.

The Issue: Water in Industry

MartinoThe Pacific Institute has researched the use of water by industry, including meat processing, and the effect on the surrounding environment, such as aquifers and sources of surface water. With periods of drought becoming more common — and water getting more expensive overall — Peter will explain why water use reduction and conservation is an urgent issue for all processors. MORE

The Solution: Reduction and Conservation

MartinoActionable techniques for reducing a plant’s draw, and making the most of the water once it’s in the plant. A lot of the solution involves implementing technologies, but much of it is simply the result of smart employee policies.MORE



BozzoWith a number of plants spread across the country, each with its own water challenges, Cargill serves as a great example for just about any processor. Hartter will explain how Cargill applies these ideas and techniques to its water management, and the value it has created for the company. MORE

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