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Flavored Sausages: Their Ups and Downs

Flavored, or specialty, sausages are up, up, up, whether it’s chicken and apple, jalapeno and cheddar, made with broccoli rabe or spinach, or breakfast sausage with potatoes, cheese and egg. But every added ingredient tips the delicate balance of a sausage recipe, affecting moisture uptake and retention, casing integrity, cooking or smoking time and temperature, and packaging. And there’s no way to perfect that new product except by trial-and-error. Our panel of experts will explore the challenges posed by specialty sausages, discuss practical solutions and relate their own personal experiences in this live webinar.

A balanced approach

MartinoDr. Mandigo is an expert in processed meats, including protein/fat/water interactions, the addition of non-meat ingredients, emulsion technology, and the history and worldwide development of sausage and processed meats. He will discuss the chemical and structural changes that occur when various ingredients are introduced to a sausage recipe, and how to compensate for those changes and balance the qualities of the product once again. MORE

In production

MartinoEsposito Sausage is an old and favorite name among Italian sausage lovers in the New York area. Since buying the company eight years ago, Samuels has introduced several new varieties with various ingredient combinations. No way around it: Finessing a new recipe for volume manufacture is a matter of taste, with batches tested over and over again until the combination is right. He will discuss how new products are developed amidst the operations of a busy urban processor. MORE

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