TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011, 3:00PM CST

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Ammonia: Make it a less hazardous material

Ammonia is always top of mind for processor. A leak or fire at a meat processing plant can prompt the evacuation of entire towns. But ammonia is the refrigerant of choice for most processors because it’s by far the least expensive option, its strong odor is built-in warning system and it doesn't contribute to the build-up of ozone-depleting gases.

Our panel of experts will address the regulatory, operational and planning factors involved in keeping the chemical on premises, including current OSHA programs, best practices and alternatives to ammonia as a refrigerant, as well as the importance of and ideas for working with local first responders.

Why ammonia?

MartinoPlenty of refrigerant options exist, so why do meat processors rely so heavily on ammonia with all its dangers? Doug Reindl will lead us through ammonia's properties, its advantages and disadvantages for industrial use, and do the same for other refrigerant options. Doug also will discuss ammonia handling procedures MORE

Taking a holistic view

MartinoLong before ammonia is piped through the facility, meat processors should establish relationships with external agencies that will be affected: the fire department, the water treatment authority, representatives of nearby residential developments or communities. Mike Fagel will discuss the best ways to build these relationships — before there's an emergency. MORE