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E. coli: What's next?

E. coli in beef has been a major focus of food science research for decades, and the results have been remarkable. And still, this bug remains at the top of the list of threatening pathogens, most recently because of the emergence of dangerous Shiga-toxin producing strains that are not the well-known O157:H7. Six non-O157 STECs are in the crosshairs of regulators and food science experts. They're moving rapidly on these developing pathogens, and the industry has to keep up.

This webinar will address the six non-O157 strains that are of immediate concern, looking at how they are alike and different from the more familiar O157 strain. We will discuss the regulatory environment, and what companies should be doing now regarding these emerging pathogens to stay on the right side of food safety — and the law.

The Sinful Six

Mohammad What makes six developing E. coli strains so dangerous? Why these, and not so many of the other known strains? Dr. Koohmaraie will discuss the overall microbiological characteristics of non-O157 STECs and the regulatory parameters for processors. MORE

Innovative Interventions

ThippareddiAlthough there is a variety of interventions for further processors, few provide a means to eliminate non-O157 STECs. Dr. Harshavardam Thippareddi, microbiologist with the University of Nebraska, will discuss the most effective post-harvest interventions. MORE

The Right Side of the Law

hibbert What's a company to do now? How do you stay on the right side of the law with such a moving target? Robert Hibbert, partner, K&L Gates in Washington, D.C., will offer his advice. MORE

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