THURS., SEPT. 22, 2011 3:00PM CST

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HPP: High-Pressure Processing

By now many further processors know the benefits of high-pressure processing. But what many don’t necessarily know is that different types of specifications lead to different results. Do you want to pasteurize? Do you simply want to extend shelf life? What about added value? Our panel of experts will provide insight not only into how this technology works but also what some of the potential applications are beyond food safety and shelf life.

High-pressure fundamentals

KoutchmaKoutchma will present an overview of the basics of HPP and offer insight into packaging issues related to HPP. Since the most common use of high-pressure processing is post-packaging, Koutchma will help processors understand the packaging parameters needed to withstand high pressure treatment. MORE

Next-generation HPP: Beyond shelf-life extension

MinerichOne of the nation's largest processors to successfully build an in-house HPP system, Hormel foods has met consumer desire for natural, preservative-free foods. Minerich will discuss the features of high-pressure that help make food more natural and preservative-free and how HPP technology is being pushed beyond shelf life extension and into new areas. MORE

How to enter the market with an advantage

hibbert As the nation's oldest HPP contract processor, APC offers a viable alternative to in-house high-pressure processing. But it's not as easy as signing a contract. Processors need validation and coordinate with their HAACP programs. Segel will help mid-sized processors prepare to enter the HPP market. MORE

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