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Export Opportunities:
where to go…and what to avoid

Within the debate how to feed a global population of 9 million people by 2050, a hidden opportunity is emerging for the U.S. meat industry. While governments and NGOs rightly focus on the countries with the lowest current caloric intakes, the opportunities for U.S. meat producers lie elsewhere. Countries with expanding middle classes can offer explosive potential as their populations demand – and can pay for – better protein sources. But the equation isn’t simple. Factors like domestic meat production potential, cultural and religious norms and trade barriers dictate where the real opportunities exist. In this webinar experts will explain market by market which countries offer real potential and which do not for U.S. beef, pork and poultry.

Opportunities for Exporting Poultry


Sumner will present his top five markets with the most potential for exporting poultry while discussing near and long-term opportunities, political obstacles and religious and cultural barriers. He will also identify the most dynamic changes in these markets that exporters should understand and capitalize on. MORE

Opportunities for Exporting Beef & Pork

Daley Borror

Daly will present her top five markets with the most potential for exporting beef and pork while addressing special market needs in terms of meat preparation, cuts, packaging, ingredients and phyo-sanitary restrictions. She will also address how to position U.S. products against domestic and other-country products. MORE