WEDnesday, MAY 5, 2010, 1:00PM CST

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Salmonella Control: Tighter Regs – New Realities

This Webinar will discuss the proposed regulations and their likely effects on poultry processors, followed by an update on pre- and post-harvest interventions — the technologies and best practices — followed by a discussion of the proposed regulations themselves and their likely effects on poultry processors.

Regulatory discussion

SchaeferFSIS has indicated that a wide variety of regulatory initiatives will be rolled out in the coming months — lowering of the current post-chill Salmonella performance standard, implementation of a new Campylobacter performance standard, changes to existing inspection systems and, eventually, a performance standard on parts prior to packaging. This presentation will attempt to summarize a wide variety of new regulatory initiatives and what they mean to you.

Pre-harvest interventions

SchaeferPre-harvest interventions have proven to have an exponential effect on reducing contamination in the processing plant. We’ll look at new research to the uses of probiotics, vaccinations and the use of organic acids in pre-harvest feed withdrawal, among other developments.

Post-harvest interventions

With FSIS lowering the post-chill performance standard and collecting baseline information on pathogen levels on finished parts, meeting these challenges at the processing level become more and more difficult. When you include the vagaries of the international export business, the complexity increases exponentially as do the challenges of meeting these often competing needs. This presentation will discuss the nuances of the various antimicrobial treatment regimes currently available and how our trading partners are affecting your options.