THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2010, 1:00PM CST

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Licking the Salt Problem: Lowering sodium
and maintaining quality in emulsions

Sodium is an essential ingredient in processed meat products, and especially in emulsions because of its water-binding power. But health concerns around sodium are behind strong pressure to reduce sodium content in all kinds of meat products. Our expert panelists discuss what the low-sodium movement means to meat emulsions as well as best practices for adjusting sodium levels without compromising taste, emulsion quality and food safety.

The Role of Salt in Processed Meats

MaddockIt’s common knowledge among meat and poultry processors that slat plays a critical role in the formulation of virtually all processed meats. However, before considering just how much salt content can be reduced in these products, it is important  to understand the many functions salt performs, including water binding, yield enhancement and preservation. Maddock will review the role of salt in processed meats and provide details about sodium levels commonly found in meat emulsions. MORE

The Effects of Lower Sodium on Emulsions

SindelarLowering sodium in meat emulsions is not a simple equation, and processors must consider a number of complex factors before moving forward with reduced-sodium formulations. Sindelar will explore considerations that affect the amount of sodium reduction that is feasible in various products and how reducing sodium content impacts crucial attributes such as overall product quality and food safety. MORE

Effectively Replacing Salt in Emulsions

Once processors decide to reduce sodium in meat emulsions and determine a reduction level that will work, the obvious question becomes, what ingredients can serve as substitutes for salt? In this presentation, Maddock will discuss which ingredients can replace salt in emulsions, options for improving the food safety of low-sodium products and how processors can maintain profitability while lowering sodium content. MORE

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