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Cracking the code to natural
and clean label processing

Retailers (particularly Whole Foods and their ilk) prefer, and often insist on, products that have no chemical, preservative or non-natural ingredients in them. They want their shelves stocked with goods whose labels are easy for a consumer to understand and feel good about. Easier said than done for processors who seek to fulfill those expectations without compromising food safety and quality, and without adding excess cost. This Webinar will address the issue from a regulatory standpoint, an ingredient and cost standpoint, and a real-world standpoint via a case study.

Working With All-Natural Ingredients –
Process And Cost Implications

SindelarWhat are costs of substituting natural ingredients in breading, marinades and sausage formulations? What are the benefits? How do formulation changes impact product handling, moisture retention, cooking performance, shelf-life, etc.? Do the benefits justify the cost? MORE

Marketing All-Natural Products – Understanding The Rules

SteinbornNatural and “clean label” processing has become a growing area of focus for many processors. Some retailers, such as Whole Foods, refuse to carry products containing artificial preservatives or other additives. But the rules surrounding natural claims are murky and evolving. This session will offer poultry processors guidance to ensure their ingredient statements are up-to-date and within regulatory boundaries. MORE

Natural Processing: Making It Work

KochDuane will present a case study based on his company experience in the field of natural processing.MORE

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